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Purcell School作為英國最古老的專業音樂寄宿學校,位於布歇,與沃特福德和倫敦相鄰。學校提供以音樂為核心的各種課程。學校因其在音樂方面的獨特貢獻榮獲了聯合國教育科學文化組織(UNESCO)授予的莫札特金獎

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The Purcell School is a lively, vibrant and energetic community of young musicians who are united by a common passion for music and driven by a collective ambition to become the finest version of themselves possible. One has only to spend a short time at the school to fall in love with its unique atmosphere and to be inspired by the commitment and dedication of our astonishing young artists. Each day is viewed as an opportunity to explore new ideas, to achieve something extraordinary and to make progress towards a personal goal; and when a student achieves something special, we all celebrate with them!

Our visiting music staff are all active performers/practitioners and many also teach at the London conservatoires as well as those further afield. As such, they are distinguished industry professionals, who understand exactly what is necessary to succeed in the music business today. Our proximity to London allows us to regularly present concerts at some of the world’s finest venues, an experience unmatched by any other musical school!

At The Purcell School we recognize the importance of providing an outstanding all-round educational experience so that our students can leave with the skills they need to meet the challenges of an ever changing and complex world. We therefore strive to deliver an integrated curriculum in which music, academic, pastoral and social provision are treated equally. We not only recognize that intellectual curiosity and social empathy are vital components of being a great musician, but that it is imperative to develop the whole person for them to be truly happy and healthy.

This website will give you all the vital information you need about applying to the school and what we offer. However, I urge you to come and visit us in person; when you do, I am sure that you will understand why we think The Purcell School is a very, very special place!



Paul Bambrough

School Life in Purcell School

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